In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is more important—and challenging—than ever. Whether you’re a budding designer eager to leave your mark, a developer looking to polish your skills, or simply a curious mind with a thirst for knowledge, the right resources can be your ladder to success. But with the internet’s vast expanse, where do you begin?

This post contains a carefully curated list of resources for UI/UX Designers and Developers, from UI Kits to learning resources; from eye-catching icons that add that perfect visual touch to your designs, to fonts that speak volumes in silent whispers; from high-quality photos that tell a thousand words, to cutting-edge wireframing tools that bring your visions to life.

UI Kits

UI kits are comprehensive collections of pre-made design elements, templates, and assets that are used to accelerate the design process of user interfaces for web and mobile applications. These kits typically include a wide range of components such as buttons, icons, navigation menus, typographic styles, form elements, and more, all designed with a consistent style and user experience in mind.

UI kits are available in various formats compatible with popular design tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, and Photoshop. They can be found on design resource websites, with options ranging from free to premium kits offering more extensive and unique elements.

Click to view full list of UI Kits
ResourceLinkFree TierPremium Tier
Google Material Design– Design kits and tools
– Customizable components
– Icon sets
– Design guidelines following Material Design principles,
Bootstrap– UI kits containing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components for building responsive web layouts.
– Templates for common web page layouts and structures.
– Components such as navigation bars, buttons, forms, and more.
Adobe XD UI Kits– UI kits tailored for web and mobile platforms with pre-designed components and layouts.
– Resources for designing user interfaces, including wireframes, icons, and interactive components.
– Templates and assets for various industries such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more.
– Cloud storage
– Collaboration tools
– Access to premium UI kits
– Integrations with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
UI8– Selection of UI kits covering different platforms such as web, mobile, and desktop applications.
– Design resources including icons, illustrations, and mockups.
– Templates for landing pages, dashboards, and other common design needs.
– Access to premium UI kits, design resources
– Commercial use rights.
Sketch App Sources– Free UI kits containing Sketch files with pre-designed components and layouts.
– Templates for various design needs such as landing pages, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps.
– Design resources including icons, illustrations, and mockups.
UI Space– Free UI kits with Figma, Sketch, and PSD files covering various design needs and platforms (React, React Native, Flutter, Figma, Framer).
– Templates for web and mobile interfaces, landing pages, and more.
– Resources including icons, mockups, and illustrations for use in design projects.
Pixel Buddha– Selection of free UI kits with pre-designed components and layouts for different needs and platforms.
– Icons and icon sets.
– Design resources such as mockups, illustrations, and templates for websites and mobile apps.
– Access to premium UI kits, icons, and design resources
– Extended license for commercial use
Freebiesbug– Free UI kits with Figma, Sketch, and PSD files containing pre-designed components and layouts.
– Icon sets.
– HTML Templates
– Design resources such as fonts, stock photos, mockups, and illustrations.
Sketch Repo– Free Sketch UI kits with pre-designed components and layouts for web and mobile interfaces.
– Plugins for extending Sketch functionality and enhancing design workflows.
– Design resources such as icons, mockups, and illustrations for use in Sketch projects.
Framer– Free pre-components for building interactive prototypes and interfaces.
– Design resources such as icons, illustrations, and animations for use in Framer projects.
– Access to premium UI kits, components, and design resources
– Priority support
– Commercial use rights.
Free UI Kits for Designers and Developers


Icons are a fundamental component of UI/UX design, offering a visual representation of actions, ideas, and objects that enhance user interfaces, making them more intuitive and engaging. Icons play an important role in design:

  • Visual Communication: Icons help convey information quickly, transcending language barriers.
  • User Interface Enhancement: They improve the aesthetic appeal and usability of digital products, making navigation and interaction more intuitive.
  • Brand Identity: Custom icons can reinforce brand identity and ensure consistency across digital products.
Types of Icons
  • Vector Icons: Scalable icons that maintain quality at any size, ideal for high-resolution displays and print media.
  • Pixel Icons: Raster-based icons designed at specific sizes, ensuring clarity and sharpness on screens with lower resolutions.
  • Icon Fonts: Icons delivered as fonts, offering easy scalability and manipulation with CSS, beneficial for web projects.
  • SVG Icons: Scalable Vector Graphics format icons, widely used for web applications due to their scalability and ease of styling.

Icon resources are available in various formats (SVG, PNG, EPS, AI, etc.) and can be found on numerous platforms, catering to a wide range of design needs from web and mobile applications to print and marketing materials.

Click to view list of icon resources
ResourceLinkFree TierPremium Tier
Flaticon– Wide range of free icons (icons, interface icons, animated icons)
– Stickers
Formats: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and CSS.
– Premium icon packs
– Ad-free experience
– Unlimited downloads
FontAwesome– Selection of free icons (SVG)
– Brand icons
– Styling and animations
– 1 free Fontawesome kit
– Available for Web and mobile design.
– Premium icons
– Sharp styles
– Better customer support
– Advanced features such as SVG optimization
Iconfinder selection of free
– icons (SVG, PNG, ICO, ICNS)
– 2D and 3D illustrations
– Stickers
– Premium access
– Advanced search filters
– Icon customization
Material Icons– Free icons following Material Design for Web, iOS and Android
– Design guide
Formats: SVG, PNG
– Icons for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web applications
– Graphics
– 3D illustrations
– 3D models
Formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, Favicon
– Premium icons
– Additional features such as vector editing, AI features, and more.
Noun Project– Icons
– Photos
– PNG and SVG formats

– Premium icons
– Icon editing
– No attribution required
– Ad-free experience
Simple Icons SVG icons for popular brands/servicesN/A
IconArchive of free icons (PNG and SVG)
Smashicons– Icons and icon packs
– Illustrations
– Patterns
– Premium icons and resources
– No attribution required
Free Pik– Icons
– High-quality photos, videos, vectors, PSD, AI images
– Free design tools
– Access to premium icons
– No attribution required
– Ad-free experience
– Priority support
SVG Repo vectors and iconsN/A
A selection of icon resources for designers and developers


Fonts play a crucial role in design, influencing readability, user experience, and the overall aesthetic of digital products and printed materials.

Types of Fonts
  • Serif Fonts: Characterized by small lines attached to the ends of letters, ideal for print and long reads due to enhanced readability.
  • Sans Serif Fonts: They lack the small lines at the ends of letters, offering a clean and modern look that’s popular in digital design.
  • Display Fonts: Usually used for headings and titles, these fonts come in various styles and are designed to grab attention.
  • Handwriting Fonts: These mimic handwritten text, adding a personal touch to designs.
  • Monospaced Fonts: Every character occupies the same horizontal space, commonly used in coding environments for readability.

Font resources are available across a range of platforms, offering both free and premium fonts for various applications, including web design, mobile apps, and print

Click to view full list of font resources
ResourceLinkFree TierPremium Tier
Google Fonts access to a vast collection of fonts, easy integration with websites via HTML/CSS, and download options for desktop use.N/A
Adobe Fonts access to a selection of free fonts with an Adobe accountFull access to the entire font library with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, including advanced font features and web font hosting.
Font Squirrel– Access to a curated collection of fonts for commercial use
– Webfont generator for easy web use.
Not applicable, but users should pay attention to individual font licenses
FontSpace to thousands of free fonts with clear license information for personal and commercial use.N/A
DaFont to thousands of free fonts, with options for personal and commercial use (license varies by font).Not applicable, but users should pay attention to individual font licenses for commercial use requirements.
MyFonts free font offerings.– Access to over 130,000 fonts
– Advanced search tools
– Font families, and webfonts. Offers often include discounted rates for purchases.
1001 Fonts to a large collection of free fonts for personal and commercial use, categorized for easy browsing.N/A
FontStruct can create their own fonts using geometric shapes, share them with the community, and download fonts created by others.N/A
UrbanFonts selection of free fonts and dingbats available for download.Premium fonts are available for purchase, offering a wider variety of styles and designs for professional use.
Fonts.com free fonts available.Subscription service provides access to over 40,000 fonts, web font licenses, desktop fonts, and more.
A variety of font resources for personal and commercial projects.

Photos and Graphics

Photos and graphics are essential elements in design, providing visual impact, increasing user engagement and retention, and communicating messages more effectively than text alone.

Types of Photos and Graphics Resources
  • Stock Photos: High-quality, professional photographs available for use in various projects.
  • Vector Graphics: Scalable images that retain quality at any size, ideal for logos, icons, and illustrations.
  • Illustrations: Artistic images and drawings that add creativity and personality to design projects.
  • Textures and Patterns: Used to add depth and interest to backgrounds and surfaces.

These resources are available from numerous online platforms, offering both free and premium content to suit a wide range of project needs.

Click to view full list of Photo and Graphic resources
Resource NameLinkFree TierPremium Tier
Unsplash to a vast library of high-quality photos.– Members-only content added monthly
– Unlimited royalty-free downloads
– Enhanced legal protections
Shutterstock– Limited access to high-quality photos and videosSubscription and on-demand plans offering access to millions of images, videos, and music tracks, advanced search filters, and licensing for commercial use.
Pexels access to high-quality photos and videos for personal and commercial use.N/A
Adobe Stock selection of free images and videos.– Access to millions of high-quality assets
– Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud apps
Pixabay to millions of stock photos, illustrations, vector graphics, videos, and music tracks.N/A
iStock access to high-quality photos, videos, illustrations, and music.– Access to exclusive images
– Varying levels of licensing for commercial use.
Canva– Access to free templates, photos, and graphics
– Basic design tools.
Canva Pro offers
– advanced design tools
– a much larger library of assets, brand kit integration
– more collaboration features
Freepik to a vast amount of free vectors, photos, AI-generated images, and PSD files for personal and commercial use with attribution.– No attribution required
– Higher download limits
– Access to exclusive content
– Ad-free experience
– Priority support
Depositphotos selection of Stock Photos, Vector Images, Videos and Music– Higher download limits
– Access to exclusive content
– No watermarks
Vecteezy to a large selection of free vector art, photos, and videos– Access to an expanded library of content
– No attribution required
– Higher download limits
– Faster downloads
– Legal Indemnification
– Full Commercial Rights
iloveimg– Access to iLoveIMG tools (compress, resize, crop, convert to and from jpg, remove background, watermark image, rotate, HTML to image, face blur)
– Limited document processing
– Unlimited document processing
– No Ads
– Customer support
Getty Images stock photography, editorial images, and videos– Access to an expanded library of content
– Legal Indemnification
– Full Commercial Rights
List of resources for finding high-quality photos, graphics, illustrations, and more, for various needs.

Wireframing and Prototyping Tools

Wireframing and prototyping tools allow designers to plan layouts, test usability, and visualize the user experience before full-scale development begins.

Choosing the right tool depends on the specific needs of the project, the level of detail required, and the preferred workflow of the design team. Here is a list of prototyping tools for UI/UX design, each offering different levels of functionality and complexity in their free and premium tiers.

Click to view a list of prototyping tools
ResourceLinkFree TierPremium Tier
Adobe XD– Limited access to design and prototyping features
– Limited cloud storage
– Adobe Fonts (basic library)
– Full access to advanced design and prototyping features
– Bigger cloud storage space
– Access to the full Adobe Fonts library
– Collaboration tools
Sketch free tier, but a 30-day trial is available (no credit card needed)– Tools for designers to create, prototype, and more
– Collaboration features
– Access to Sketch’s cloud services
– Extensive library of plugins and integrations
Figma– Access to all basic design and prototyping features
– Unlimited projects for up to 2 editors and 3 projects with unlimited viewers
– Advanced collaboration features
– Unlimited projects
– Version history
– Team libraries
– More administrative controls.
InVision projects with InVision Free, including basic prototyping and collaboration tools.Access to InVision Studio, advanced prototyping, collaboration features, unlimited projects, and more with InVision Pro.
Axure RP free tier, but offers a 30-day free trial.– Full access to prototyping features (realistic, functional prototypes)
– Advanced interactions
– Dynamic content
– Documentation capabilities
– Axure Cloud for publishing and collaboration
Marvel access to design and prototyping features, with one user and one project.– Unlimited projects
– Advanced prototyping features
– Collaboration tools
– Easy handoff
– Integration capabilities
– Remove Marvel branding
Balsamiq free tier, but offers a 30-day trial.– Full access to wireframing tools
– Cloud storage for collaboration
– Integration with Google Drive and Jira
Proto.io 15-day free trial with full access to prototyping features.– Access to advanced prototyping features
– User testing capabilities
– Collaboration tools
UXPin– 20 prototypes
– Interactions, animations, states
– Iterations
– Stakeholder approval
– Password protected preview
– Full access to advanced design and prototyping features, including variables, states, and code components for a more dynamic and realistic prototype.
Moqups to basic features, with limitations on projects and pages.Full access to the platform with unlimited projects, pages, and collaborators, plus advanced features and priority support.
A list of prototyping tools suitable for different stages of the design process, from initial wireframing to high-fidelity prototyping.

Color Tools

Color tools are indispensable for designers, aiding in the selection, combination, and application of colors to create visually appealing and effective designs.

The following color tools span a wide range of functionalities, from basic palette selection to advanced AI-driven color scheme generation. Whether you’re designing a website, creating a brand identity, or working on any project where color plays a key role, these tools can help you make informed and inspired color decisions.

Click to view a list of Color Tools
ResourceLinkFree Tier Premium Tier
Adobe Color CC– Create color themes
– Extract themes & gradients
– Create Accessible themes
– Explore color themes
– Find trending colors
Coolors– Create and share color palettes (up to 5 colors)
– Save up to 10 color palettes
– Pick colors from an image
– Explore trending palettes.
– Generate palettes with upto 10 colors
– Save unlimited color palettes
– Create collages
– and many more
Color Hunt– Full access to explore, save, and share color palettes.
– Choose color palette themes and moods
– Explore trending color palettes
Paletton access to the color scheme designer, examples, and previewsNot applicable, as the tool is entirely free to use.
Colormind– Utilizes AI to generate color schemes that can learn from art, movies, and nature.
– AI-driven color scheme generation and inspiration from uploaded images.
Canva Color Palette Generator to upload images and generate color palettes, with color codes.Canva Pro features
ColorZilla access to eyedropper tool, color picker, gradient generator, and palette viewer.N/A
Khroma uses AI to learn which colors you like and creates limitless palettes for you to discover, search, and save.N/A
Material Design Color Tool access to color palette tool, including the ability to export palettes.N/A
ColorSpace to generate multiple color palettes and gradients, based on a single colorN/A
Colormind AI– Utilizes AI to generate color schemes that can learn from art, movies, and nature.
– AI-driven color scheme generation and inspiration from uploaded images.
Image Color Summarizer descriptive colour statistics for an imageN/A
Designspiration– Search and save inspiration
– Create collections
– Collaborate on collections
– Unlimited Vision Mood Boards
– Deeper inspiration searches
– Hide from search engines
– Early access to new features
– Ad-Free experience
Dribbble Color Search and search through design projects by specific colors, a great way to find color inspirationN/A
MDigiTools Color Picker– Get different shades of a color in RGB, HEX, HSL or HSV
– Generate linear and radial gradient
– Extract colors from an Image and build a color palette
– Convert colors from RGB to HEX, HEX to RGB, RGB to HSL etc.
– Change Hue of a color and get result in RGB, HEX, HSL or HSV
List of color tools.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are essential in today’s digital work environment, facilitating communication, project management, and teamwork, regardless of physical location.

Purpose of Collaboration Tools
  • Communication: Enable real-time messaging, video calls, and discussions to keep team members connected.
  • Project and Task Management: Help teams organize, track, and manage work to ensure projects are completed on time.
  • File Sharing and Management: Allow team members to share, access, and collaborate on documents and files securely.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Enable multiple users to work on the same document or project simultaneously, enhancing productivity.
View list of collaboration tools
ResourceLinkFree TierPremium Tier
Slack– 90 days of message history
– 10 app integrations or published workflows
– 1:1 audio and video meetings
– 1:1 messages with people outside your organization
– Ability to create and collaborate on documents in channels and DMs only
– Built-in employee directory
– 1 workspace
– Unlimited message history
– Unlimited integrations and workflows
– 1:1 and group audio and video meetings
– 1:1 and group messages with people outside your organization
– Ability to create and collaborate on documents anywhere
– Better security and date management options
Trello– Unlimited cards
– Up to 10 boards per Workspace
– Unlimited Power-Ups per board
– Unlimited storage (10MB/file)
– 250 Workspace command runs per month
– Custom backgrounds & stickers
– Unlimited activity log
– Assignee and due dates
– iOS and Android mobile apps
– 2-factor authentication
Unlimited Power-Ups, larger file attachments up to 250MB, advanced checklists, priority support, and additional team functionalities.
Microsoft Teams chat and search, built-in online meetings, and 10GB of team file storage plus 2GB per person for personal storage.Meeting recordings, host webinars, additional storage, advanced security, compliance tools, and more Office 365 services integration.
Asana task and project management features for teams up to 15 members, with limited dashboard and search capabilities.Advanced project management features, custom fields, task dependencies, timelines, advanced search and reporting, and more.
Zoom limit on group meetings, unlimited one-on-one meetings, and online support.Longer meeting durations, user management, admin feature controls, custom emails, and cloud recording.
Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) free tier, but offers a 14-day free trial.Business email through Gmail, shared calendars, Drive storage, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more, with various plans offering different storage and security options.
Basecamp free tier, but offers a 30-day free trial.To-do lists, file storage, message boards, schedules, check-in questions, and advanced client access with unlimited users and projects.
Monday.com to 2 seats with unlimited boards and over 200 templates, with 500MB of storage.Additional features like automation and integrations, timeline and Gantt views, guest access, private boards and docs, and more storage options.
Dropbox Paper collaboration with Dropbox integration, task management, and meeting notes.More storage space and advanced security and collaboration features when used with Dropbox Plus, Professional, or Business plans.
Notion personal use, unlimited pages and blocks, and sharing with 5 guests.Team and enterprise plans offer collaborative workspaces, unlimited guests, version history, and admin tools.
This list includes a variety of tools that support different aspects of collaboration, from communication and project management to document sharing and video conferencing. Each platform offers unique functionalities to meet the diverse needs of teams working in various environments and industries.

Learning Resources

Here is a list of learning resources that offer a range of free and premium content focusing on various fields including technology, design, business, and personal development. These platforms provide courses, tutorials, and educational materials to support lifelong learning and professional development.

List of learning resources
ResourceLinkFree Tier InclusionsPaid Tier Inclusions
Coursera to video lectures and some course materials for free.Paid courses offer full access to assignments, peer feedback, certificates of completion, and specialization programs.
Udemy free courses available across various categories.Paid courses include lifetime access to course materials, videos, and a certificate of completion.
Khan Academy access to all courses, including interactive exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard.N/A
edX access to course videos and readings.Verified certificates of completion and access to graded assignments.
LinkedIn Learning (formerly free tier, but offers a 1-month free trial.Unlimited access to the course library, personalized recommendations, and certificates of completion.
Skillshare access to selected courses.Unlimited access to all classes, additional resources, and offline access.
Codecademy courses and limited practice exercises.Real-world projects, step-by-step guidance, peer support, and certificates of completion.
Pluralsight free tier, but offers a 10-day free trial (or 200 minutes of content).Access to an extensive library of courses, skill assessments, learning paths, and the ability to download courses for offline viewing.
FutureLearn access to courses for their duration plus two weeks.Unlimited access to courses, certificates of completion, and access to tests and assessments with a subscription.
This list encompasses a mix of platforms offering free access to educational content, as well as subscription-based models for those seeking more in-depth learning experiences, certifications, and access to assignments. Each resource caters to different learning preferences, whether through video lectures, interactive coding exercises, or hands-on projects.

UI/UX Design Blogs and Communities

Blogs and communities serve as valuable resources for designers seeking inspiration, industry insights, and community engagement. These platforms offer articles, tutorials, case studies, and discussions on the latest trends and best practices in UI/UX design.

View list of design blogs and communities
Resource DescriptionLinkCommunity FeaturesAdditional Offerings
Smashing MagazineA leading resource for web designers and developers, offering in-depth articles, tutorials, and resources. comments, job board, and workshops.Books, eBooks, and conferences on design and development.
UX Design.ccA Medium publication offering a wealth of knowledge on UX design topics, from basic principles to advanced techniques. community interaction through comments and responses.Curated stories, case studies, and UX resources.
Nielsen Norman GroupRenowned for their research and reports on user experience, offering articles, guidelines, and usability findings. a traditional community but highly respected for its authoritative content.UX conferences, training, and reports.
A List ApartFocuses on design, development, and web content with an emphasis on standards and best practices. comments and social media engagement.Books and events for designers and developers.
BehanceAdobe’s platform for showcasing and discovering creative work, including a wide range of UI/UX design projects. comments, appreciations, and followings.Live streams, job board, and creative tools integration.
DribbbleA community of designers sharing screenshots of their work, process, and projects., comments, follows, and job listings.Workshops, meetups, and a marketplace for design assets.
Designer HangoutAn invite-only community of UX designers and researchers, providing a space for discussion and networking. discussions on various UX topics.Q&A sessions with industry experts, job board.
UX MasteryAn online resource and community forum dedicated to teaching all things UX design. for UX discussion and community blogs.eBooks, workshops, and a newsletter.
SidebarCurates the top 5 design links of the day, offering a quick way to stay updated on the latest design trends and articles. a traditional community, but offers subscription for daily design links.N/A
Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)Offers affordable education and networking opportunities in UI/UX design, with courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. groups, forums, and member profiles for networking.Online courses, webinars, and literature on UX design.
List of UI/UX design blogs and communities and their features.

These blogs and communities are invaluable resources for UI/UX designers at any level of expertise. They provide a mix of educational content, industry insights, and opportunities for networking and professional development within the design community.

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